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One Year on Youtube

It’s been exciting to start my channel on YouTube

It’s been exciting to start my channel on YouTube

It’s now been a little over a year since I posted my first video to my YouTube Channel. In that time I have only managed to post five videos. That’s a number that I am not happy with. I know I need to do better in year two if I want to see any real audience growth. That being said I am still happy with what I have accomplished on the platform so far. As I write this blog post I am sitting at 87 subscribers and 3.2k views. I know compared to the big players on Youtube those numbers would be sneezed at but I’m proud that I was able to capture the attention of that many people.

My logo intro is the first piece I have ever created in After Effects

My logo intro is the first piece I have ever created in After Effects

My first five videos have included a fair amount of experimentation. I had never used After Effects or Premiere before but I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone to edit video and create simple title animations for my channel. I’ve also tried to work on my delivery on camera so that I’m clear and easy to understand. One viewer commented that my voice is very monotone and another told me that it was soothing to listen to me talk. Being on camera is not very natural for me but I feel like I’m getting the hang of it at least.

Because I’m so new to putting these videos together I haven't been as quick as I’d like to be. I’m also a perfectionist so it’s hard for me to let go and just post something even though I feel like it could be better. Hopefully those people that have watched all of my videos will see an improvement from each one to the next. I know personally that I like the last video I posted where I had broken up the steps of the tutorial with dividers instead of trying to record everything in one take. Another challenge I face is trying to pick ideas that I want to make tutorials about. It’s not that I can’t come up with anything to create. It’s that I have too many ideas and I’m not sure what direction I want to go in first. I’m sure as I make more videos I will gain a better understanding of what’s popular on the site. For now at least I’m a little lost. My first video is far and away more popular than anything else that I have created and I’m not sure why.

My goals for the next year are to become more efficient in making videos, grow my audience (obviously) and to improve my production quality. I don't want to set any numbers for myself in terms of view count or subscribers as I really don't know what to expect. I think the most important thing for me to do is to post more, as I think everything else will fall into place from there. I’m going to say that 12 videos next year is a healthy goal for me to try and reach. Check back in next year and see if I make it.

Oh yeah please go and check out my channel and Subscribe if you like what you see!