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Versatile, collaborative, resourceful, dedicated and hard working. 

Graphic T-Shirts and plaid make up most of my wardrobe.

Graphic T-Shirts and plaid make up most of my wardrobe.


Dave Watkins

I studied Graphic Design at George Brown College. After graduating in 2005, I worked for a screen printing shop for a year before going on to work for BellMedia Inc where I have worked on the TSN brand for over ten years now.

In my spare time I'm always looking for new techniques that I can add to my creative arsenal. Photography is one of my many hobbies that has been very useful in my day job. Being able to create my own reference and stock imagery comes in handy when budgets get tight.

My college thesis revolved around graphic t-shirts. Since then, I have been obsessed with creating wearable art. There is no greater feeling than wearing a freshly printed shirt that you designed yourself. Second to that feeling is when all of your friends end up wearing shirts that you have designed because they like them too.

If I had to sum myself up in one quick little blurb. I would say that I was an adaptable creative individual that can tackle a wide variety of challenges with a positive attitude... all while literally wearing my art on my sleeve.